Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Zsiage DT Assignments

I'm super excited to announce the my Design Team term has been extended at Zsiage! Working with these papers really push my creativity!

I used Zsiage papers and chipboard to decorate this wooden box by Prima. I love this color combination! The silver charm was a necklace I found at Target for 25 cents and the beads are actually wooden hair beads.

My sister gave Troy a bridal party gift in this box (it was originally all black) and I saved it knowing it would come in handy one day. I love the the way the Confucious Say What? line looks here.

This is a close up of my technique from the "My paradise layout". I covered Zsiage chipboard alphas with patterned paper and then coated the bottoms with 2 layers of fiber paste to mimic the look of waves crashing on the shore.

I took this photo in Jamaica this summer. Troy thought I was nuts for taking several photos of my flipflops on the beach. He'll never understand how a scrapper's mind works! I love that this turned into a BOM page about my favorite place in the world: the beach!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Scrap-Diner DT Projects

Have you missed me? I know I've been slacking, but what can I say? You know the excuse already! Slowly but surely, I'm getting back into my scrapping flow. Here are 2 LOs and a card I created for scrap-diner using papers from 7 gypsies and TADA. I loved working with both papers. TADA's laser cut cardstock is just plain FABULOUS!

This photo was taken in the airport in Jamaica. The title fits Donovan's expression perfectly!

Look at my silly little boy! These photos are from our last day in Jamaica and Donovan decided to entertain me with some of his antics! He keeps me cracking up!

This card was so much fun to make!

In other news, I had another ultrasound today. I'm 16 weeks along and everything looks good so far. I'm so excited about this baby, I know he will be a wonderful addition to our family. The morning sickness has eased up a little bit, but it's not gone though. I'm not surprised, with Donovan, I had morning sickness until 18 days before I gave birth!!! It wasn't as bad in the end as the beginning, thank God, but it was still nerve wracking!
I'm still not eating all that well. I tried to eat some fruit today. I managed to eat 1/2 of an apple, 1/2 of a plum, and a teensy bit of watermelon. I love fruit, I just can't seem to stand the taste now, but I know I need to get in the healthy stuff for the baby! Soup or a slice of pizza usually makes up my lunch, along with a sprite and some water. I'm surviving on carbs! Bagels are my friends! I've recenty discovered Thomas's cinnamon raisin toasting bread with a cup of black tea, yummy! I having some right now! This helps ease the sickness in the morning if I eat it just before bed because when I wake up in the morning my stomach is not completely empty.
I have my monthly appointment on Halloween. I wonder if I've started to gain any weight, since I lost nearly 10 lbs in the first 3 months! We shall see!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Here's The Real Deal

I've been complaining a lot lately about not having any scrapping mojo, the truth of the matter is not so much a mojo problem but a first trimester fatigue problem. Yeah, you heard right, I'm pregnant! I don't remember ever being this tired in my life! I come home from work and lie on the couch until it's time to go to bed, of course Donovan is bugging me every 10 minutes which makes me more tired. This morning sickness is kicking my butt!! Actually, it's more like morning, noon, and night sickness! Let's not mention the fact that I can't eat because everything, even my favorites, taste disgusting...I've lost almost 10 lbs! And everything stinks to high heaven...I walk around with a permanent grimace on my face and "what is that smell?" on the tip of my tongue! I'm almost 14 weeks along and due April 12, 2008. I had to have a CVS test done so I was able to find out the sex early....Donovan is going to have a little brother! I never pictured myself as a mom of two boys, but it was meant to be and I'm so happy! You know Troy is beside himself! So say "HI" to my little guy!

Donovan and I have been talking a lot about the baby in mommy's belly. He knew from the beginning that he wanted a baby brother, he said girls are nasty! Big brother to be is becoming quite the artist. At 3 1/2 he tries to be very detailed with his drawings. I just had to share this one because I thought it was so adorable. When I asked him what he drew he said "a dinosaur eating pizza". I couldn't help but laugh and if you look close enough you can see a triangle shape in the dinosaur's mouth. Can you see the long sharp teeth? He is too much! Today he drew a picture of a fish eating his tail! This boy cracks me up!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10 Days?!!

Has it been that long since I last posted...oh woe is me! I have not been feeling myself lately, no energy what so ever! I haven't really scrapped much either, just 2 cards and a LO. It's a shame because I have so many ideas in my head! Here's a LO I created for my Zsiage DT assignment. I used the new papers that debuted at CHA Summer called Star Brites II...I love how cute and girlie these colors together!

journaling: Why a birthday photo shoot? Because I'm a year older. I was feeling cute! It's important to leave my legacy. Because i deserve it!
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