Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just Chillin'

No scrapping for me today, I need a break! My mind wants to scrap, but my body is like "Oh no, girlfriend...just chill out for a sec"! June has been a busy scrap month; I design for 3 DTs and had the priviledge of being a Guest DT member for 2 online sites. Trying to juggle 5 DTs, work, and family time has proven quite should see the bags under my eyes.

On a positive note, I completed a lot of projects: 13 layouts, 12 cards, 2 tags, and an altered altoid tin...I'm a scrappin' momma!! LOL! Here is the latest LO I created for the LSS that I design for. Our challenge was to create something "patriotic". This is a pic of my son on Memorial Day, proudly waving his flag a I pulled all 50 lbs of him in our town's parade. I tried something a little out of my box with this LO. All of the curves were hand drawn and cut to look like the tail ends of a shooting star. I also de-saturated the photo to give it a solemn look and so that the red in the pic wouldn't compete with the orange paper. It's hard to tell in this pic, but I cut the craft paper away from the large star and the stras at the top actually run off the top of the LO.

The owner of this LSS asked me to design for the store on a permanent basis...of course I said, yes! She wanted to forgo the DT call this time around because a few people who didn't get picked stopped shopping at the store. The crazy part about this is she didn't even choose the winners, the customers did! I guess "rejection" is just tough for some people to handle, but that's the only way to toughen up the skin...heck, I applied for like 30 DTs before I was accepted to one! Just shake it off and keep it movin'!

7 More Random Things About Me

I was tagged by Kate and here are the the rules, 7 random things about me and then tag others to do the same. Sound fair enough, right? These are the rules…. each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they've been tagged by leaving them a comment.

  1. I have a dirty mind.
  2. I broke my finger kicking the butt of a guy with road rage.
  3. I hate pies made with berries of any kind...ick!!
  4. When I'm embarrassed my ears get hot and turn red.
  5. I love, love, love shoes! I probably own about 100 pairs!
  6. I don't like my puffy eyelids.
  7. I love trivia!

The last time I tagged people only 1 responded, so if you're reading this consider yourself tagged. If you play along, leave me a comment and I'll check it out! OK?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer of Scrappin' 8-Week Challenge At ScrapLove

Check it out y' is having a fabulous 8 week challenge. This is a great way to get some layouts done and think outside of your box! The kick-off the challenge will start with a special exclusive interview with the very talented Elsie Flannigan on July 15th, so be sure to stop by and check it out. Here's the official info:

We are having an 8-week “Summer of ScrapLovin” challenge here at ScrapLove. Beginning July 15th, participants will compete in 8 weekly challenges for a chance to win great prizes and a chance at a one-month guest Design Team Lovely spot at Winners will be chosen by the ScrapLove Team and a surprise guest judge and will be announced on Wednesday, September 12, 2007. Each Sunday a new challenge will be posted and you will have approx. 6-7 days to complete the challenge and upload your page to our challenge gallery. All pages must be original and created specifically for this challenge. Challenge pages can be posted in other website galleries, by you MUST mention that it is part of the ScrapLove Challenge. Failure to do so will result in elimination from the contest.To enter, you must be a registered member of, sign up in the official challenge participant thread and post one layout (of your choice) in the contest gallery by midnight (PST) on July 10th. We must have a minimum of 20 people participating in order to begin the challenge. We reserve the right to cancel or change the contest if the participant requirement is not met. Rules and procedures are subject to change at owner’s discretion. Should changes be made, you will be notified on the challenge thread.First prize is a spot as our Guest Design Team Lovely from October 15 – November 15, 2007 along with a prize package worth over $75If you are selected to serve as guest Design Team Lovely at ScrapLove your responsibilities will include:
Create 3-4 layouts/projects per month using supplied product
Actively participate in ScrapLove’s message board discussions and challenges
Write one blog entry for the Scrap Love Blog. This can be on any relevant topic of your choice.
Meet deadlines as set by design team coordinator.Benefits include: 1. Approximately $25 worth of product to complete your layouts/projects.2. 25% discount on store purchases during your month term.Second prize is a lovely prize package worth over $40. Third prize is a $20 gift certificate to the ScrapLove Store. So get your scrappin' mojo flowing and come play with us!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Scrappy Stuff

June is coming to a close and July is quickly approaching! For all of you Chatterbox lovers out there, is having a sale on last year's Chatterbox items for 50% off....that's right half the price, for the month of July! I had the privilege of being the Guest Design Team member this month and created a few projects with the Chatterbox papers and I love how they turned out! Check 'em out:

For this LO, I layered 3- 4X6 photos of my son taken early last month. We were on our way out the door, he looked so cute, and I needed updated pics to give to family members at my sister's wedding (2 days later), so a quick photo shoot was needed. He cooperated too, he's getting so used to me pulling out my camera all of the time! I guess I should have paid attention to the fact that the collar of his jacket was tucked in. Oh well, he's still a cutie pie!

I had so much fun with this LO...I know, I went a little flower crazy (there are over 50 flowers on this), but that's the mood I was in today! I made those cute big ribbon flowers using a Technique Tuesday by scrapalicious at, they are so easy to make! It's hard to see in this pic, but the blue background paper has blue flourishes on it. I used black stickles (my new fave scrap item) to trace some of the patterns.

This card was pretty simple to make, but I like it!

In other scrappy news, my "Fading Like A Flower" LO won May's flower contest at! Talk about excited!!! The even better news is my prize was a $20 flower purchase from the store. I was able to shop and pick out the flowers that I wanted. The decision was tough, as I am a flower addict, but I managed to narrow it down to these:
How cute are those little panties boxes with the Primas inside? They are called Isabelle's Secret and there are bra cases, too! Too cute! So needless to say, they made for a very happy mail day!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Just Some Stuff

Yesterday was a day of painful reminders. This may be TMI, but I was having some serious ovulation pains to the point where I was doubled over at work. I felt like my insides were going to drop out. This was one of those little occurances that remind me of my pregnancy loss. If that wasn't enough, I walked into the cafeteria on my lunch break and one of my co-workers who obviously didn't know about my loss says "Hi mommy"! I knew what she meant...she then said look at that baby....great, now on top of everything she just solidified an earlier conversation I had with my sister about needing to lose weight!

Anyway, on a happier note - my little man's new bedroom set was delivered today! Oh my goodness, the look on his face was priceless. It was way past time for a new set. In his toddler bed he could touch both ends of the bed with his hands and feet, just look:

Can you believe he's only 3? He's so tall!

BYE, BYE baby bed...Hello BIG BOY BED! This set is so cute, I love it! His bedroom now has that transitional look - right there between baby and big boy. Now I just need to paint the wood trim in his room nave blue so it will match better! I want to change the border, too. He such a spiderman fanatic so spiderman sheets and blanket were a necessity!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good Mail Day

I've been waiting for this issue...couldn't wait to get my hands on it and now it is here! Wondering what it is? It's Blue Media Style Defined Idea Book and guess who's on page, me, me! There's so much talent on these pages, I'm looking forward to devouring every single LO.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

7 Random Things About Me

I got this idea from a post on Amy Peterman's blog - so here it goes:

1. I tried out for Jeopardy! in 2003.

2. I have a degree in Biology and actually started working on my
Master's inMicrobiology (don't know when I'll go back though).

3. I love to read books. Before my son was born, I used to read
5-7 novels in 2 weeks.

4. I volunteer for the CERT team in my town.

5. I drive a 10 year old black Honda Civic.

6. I met Troy in college, we've been together since we were 19.
We've never broken up, not even for a day!

7. I had a mammogram and lumpectomy at 17...thank GOD
it was benign!

Now it's your turn. Post your own random things on your blog and leave a comment here, so I can learn more about you!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

What's In A Name

I was tagged by the Mama at{OK! Here's a new TAG! I was wizzing around looking for something curiously funny to do....Hopefully you will find yourself giggling like I did. So, what IS in a name? Ever wanted a new one?1st half...Go through the list and make some new ones, but share your results....that's the other half of the fun!} So here are my names:

1. Rock star name--- Hamster Wheatsheaf (1st pet& current St. name)
2. Gangsta name--- Chocolate Oreo (fave ice cream & cookie)
3. Flygirl name--- T-Lon (1st initial & 1st 3 letters of last name)
4. Detective name--- Blue Cat (fave color & animal)
5. Soap Opera name--- Renee Camden (middle name & city born in)
6. Star Wars name--- Lonta (1st 3 letters last name & 1st 2 letters first name)
7. Superhero name--- Black Pepsi (2nd fave color & fave drink)
8. NASCAR name--- Roger Lawrence (the first names of my grandfathers)
9. Stipper name--- J'adore Skittles (favorite perfume & candy)
10.Witness Protection name--- Linda Eugene (Mother and Father's middle names)

Now, tag 7 people and HOLLA BACK! I tagged Adriann, Bluffy, Tina P, Chelapinder, Babydoll 1, Barb G, X3jessicalouise. This was so much fun!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Scrap Related Injury

Check it out y'all...Why did I sit on the sofa Tuesday night and a pair of micro tip scissors punctured my leg in the hip area? When I sat down, I felt like I sat on something pointy and went to move it and there the scissors were sticking out of my leg. I started saying “Oh sh*t…oh sh*t”, and pulled them out. Troy asked me what happened and I could only say “oh sh*t!” I left a trail of blood from the living room to the kitchen. He ran in the kitchen and saw all this blood running down my leg and dripping on the floor. He ran and got the first aid kit and started helping me clean the wound. Girl, when I say pouring out, I am not exaggerating! The good thing for me is all it took was 2 band-aids crisscrossed to stop the bleeding. It was a mess though, just look at the pic! I'm so happy that Donovan wasn't the one to sit on the scissors, I would have freaked out. Usually I'm very good about capping them and putting them away because I know how sharp they are, but this just happened to be one of those nights when I looked at the clock and realized it was Donovan's bedtime and rushed to give him a bath not realizing I just dropped the scissors on the couch. I bet you I won't do that again!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wedding Layouts For My Sister

I've finally gotten pictures developed from the wedding. I've decided against doing a coordinating album since each pic inspires me differently; so I'm going to just make layouts based on how I feel! I may go back later and make a mini album for my sister and her husband, but we'll see about that, I already have a ton of projects that are due. Here's a layout of my sis at her bridal shower:
journaling reads: One surprised guest of honor; bridal shower games; that silly hat; catered by Olive Garden; good friends and family; laughs; wishes for happily ever after. TFL!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Serendipity Scrapbooks Design Team Call

Are you creative, full of ideas? Love to share ideas, techniques and inspiration? Then this may just be for you!!

Starting June 1st and ending July 15th we are accepting Design Team Submissions we are looking at bringing on at least 3 more designers to our team: I will place here the requirements for submission and the details of the contract with Serendipity Scrapbooks.

You may apply for the Serendipity Scrapbooks Design Team by submitting the following to: starting June 1st until Midnight Eastern Time July 15th 2007. At this time we are unable to consider International applicants, however, you may submit to all our site contests & challenges. NOTE: Canadians that would like to apply may do so under the understanding that should you be picked for the DT team, it may take up to 10 or more days for you to receive your shipment of design products, and that the layouts and projects need to be completed in the timeline. Also, you must be willing to pay the difference to ship your design products to you, costs are based on weight & postal code.

Submit a total of 5 items: - 1 altered project - 1 newly created Layout with a minimum of 3 photos - 1 newly created Layout featuring use of embellishments to add dimension - 1 newly created card or tag - 1 Layout featuring “you”- using papers, embellishments & word show us who you are All pictures need to be clear, in .jpg format, and no larger than 450 x 450 Pixels. All submissions will be posted without names in the gallery under design team submissions for general viewing. Send a Scrapbook/artist resume & biography, as well as name, email address & full contact information with your submissions. Include as well a list of current design teams & scrapbook communities (forums, message boards) in which you are active in. You may also include an online gallery link if you have one.

Please include the answers to the following questions: * Why do you think you would make a great Design Team member? * What is your best attribute or skill? * What is the attribute or skill that is a challenge to you? * Do you feel that you can give inspiration, encouragement & techniques in the forum on a daily basis? * Do you challenge yourself with new techniques on a consistent basis? Either each layout is testing a new technique, or monthly trying new items & techniques. *Share any other information you feel is important for us to know about you. *During this DT call your presence in the Forum is crucial, since the flow of a board is greatly determined by the activity and connection of the DT members to our registered board members.

If chosen as a Serendipity Scrapbooks Design Team member you will be Responsible for the following: 1. Creating innovative & unique scrapbook layouts, cards, and altered projects not only for our monthly kits, but with products from our store. (These will be sent to you). Each month you will receive a wonderful Serendipity Scrapbooks kit. Each kit should be able to make at least 2-3 layouts and another project such as card, tag, or any other creative project the DT member thinks of. Each month at least 2-3 DT members will be asked to do 2 more layouts beyond the kits for our layouts/ideas page.(DT members will be asked on a rotating basis) 2. All layouts, cards and projects must include a materials list, step by step instructions and a layout sketch for actual layouts & photo of project. Plus, any photos for specific techniques you feel would enhance understanding. 3. All DT members are required to be a registered member of our forum and post no less than 5 posts a day in the forum, as well as give words of encouragement in the gallery as well. DT members need to be a moderator for at least one category in our forum. 4. Design Team members are responsible for helping create & hosting forum challenges, providing new tips/techniques, & participate in Serendipity Scrapbooks Cyber events. 5. DT members are to proudly promote where ever and whenever allowed without breaking rules on other sites. A Serendipity Scrapbooks DT blinkie will be developed and required in your signatures on our forum and again anywhere without breaking rules on other sites. This may require that it not be linked. 6. Communication with management is essential to a great team & Fantastic site. 7. This is a 6 month commitment; DT duties will commence as soon as they are notified July 20th 2007. Performance of each member during this time will determine whether you are invited to stay an additional 6 months. 8. Each DT member will be asked to review and sign a contract, which at that time if they feel that they cannot commit may pass on the Design Team position. The contract has details regarding position that may not be listed. 9. Design Team members will receive a 25% discount in the store during their contracted time You may post any comments or questions to this thread. We are here to help you be your best so that you can be the best for Serendipity Scrapbooks. Happy Scrapping and Good Luck!!!
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