Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's 12:54 am here and I am beat, but I can't go to bed just yet because I'm waiting for my sweet potato pies to finish cooking!

Wednesday has been a looooong day for me! I had to work, I was 20 minutes late because I had to stop in Walgreen's to get oil for my car so I can hold off on an oil change until Monday. On my 15 minute break, I ran to the dollar store to get all of the aluminim pans for baking and carting food to South Jersey. On my lunch hour I ran to my LSS to drop off some projects that I did in the past. They came up with this ingenious idea to sell scrappers' projects for them between now and Christmas and the best part is I priced my own stuff and I get all of the money if it sells! Isn't that great? I then left there and went to Walmart...I made record time because I can spend an entire lunch hour in that store. After work I went to Shop Rite to pick-up the rest of my ingredients. I then picked DS up from preschool, made pizzas that I bought from his school's fundraiser for dinner.

We're having Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house, YAY! I made sweet potato pies for my house, I baked a chocolate cake from scratch for my sister's house, I'm too tired to icing it right now, and made potato salad. I also prepped all of my cheeses for my homemade macaroni and cheese. I need to get up early tomorrow...uh today so I can make the oven stuffer and stuffing for my house and greens, mac n cheese to take to my sister's.

Don't you just hate it when you forget to get something at the store and the hope and pray that something is opened on the holiday so you can get what you need? Yeah, well it happenes to me everytime!

Anyway...I hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family and or friends!


Dawn Bibbs said...

WHEW!!! I need to sit've EXHAUSTED me! :-)

Everything sounds so yummy. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Veroncia said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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