Monday, May 30, 2011

52 Week Project - May Photos

Five months have passed and I am still sticking with the 52 Week project. I'm so proud of myself!! Here are my photos for the month of May:

Week 18/52 -- taken 5.6.11 Just us 3 crazies having a good ole time!

Week 18/52

Week 19/52 -- taken 5.15.11 My laptop caught a really bad virus, so while a friend worked to fix it, (he ended up having to wipe the entire thing) I had to squeeze in internet time on hubby's computer.

Week 19/52

Week 20/52-- taken 5.18.11 Walking it off! Now that the weather is nice, I'm back to walking 3.3 miles at my local park, 2-3 times a week.

Week 20/52

Week 21/52-- taken 5.29.11 (took this one late) Chilling in front of the house in my jeans and new jellies, watching the boys have a water pistol show down. Ahhhh, I love the warm weather!

Week 21/52

Week 22/52-- taken 5.30.11 photo of Xander and I as we marched in our town's Memorial Day Parade. It was so had trying to hold his hand, the flag, and take the photo one-handed. LOL! This is my take on the lighting challenge.

Week 22/52

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Miesha Roshawn said...

The last photo is dope!

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