Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm The Mother Of A 4 Year Old!

Four years ago I gave birth to this tiny little boy who stole my heart the minute I laid eyes on him. Now he's 4! The time seems to have flown by and my baby is becoming a big boy!

He was so excited about today as he is becoming more aware of his birthday. I let him have a birthday party in school toady, complete with chocolate cake (his favorite), ice cream, and goodie bags which he helped me prepare last night. I can tell you I had no problem waking him up for school this morning...I wonder why! LOL!

Here's my little (or shall I say big) 4 year old. I'm going to miss the way he said "I'm three" (I'm dree).
My baby made a wish over this cake and I hope and pray that all of his wishes come true!

We still have another party planned for him this weekend at Chuck E. Cheese's.


EsSeNsE~ViBeZ said...

how adorable is that!...when we ask our grandson how old he is, he says, "i twoooooooooooooo"...it's like he's singing...congrats to mr.4...may God continue blessing you and may you enjoy what he has in store for you...this journey called "being a kid"...remain blessed!!!

Amanda Ann said...

Happy Birthday to your little man!!!!

Cathy said...

He is a cutie!!!! I mean a big time cutie!

wendipooh13 said...

He is just too cute!!! I know my daughter turns 5 in May and will start kindergarten.... where did all that time go???

NancyJones said...


I miss you girl!! HOpe your feeling ok!

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