Friday, January 25, 2008

Scrapping and Procrastinating

I have been having a great time creating layouts for the challenges at my mojo is flowing. Unfortunately, I haven't been so productive with house cleaning! My house is a mess! A trifling mess...I need to light a fire under my butt like RIGHT NOW!!!

Tonight I'm taking Donovan to see Diego Live as an early birthday gift, he is going to LOVE it! I can't believe my baby is going to be 4 on Tuesday!!

Here's are some of the challenge LOs I did. This one was for the journaling challenge.
I had fun with the journaling on this LO - I chose something a little more cheeky telling about the "break-up" with my Honda and Me!
journaling: Isn’t that the excuse some people use when they want to dump someone, but not make them feel like crap? Well in this case Honda, it is you! You see we’ve been together for many years, 8 to be exact. We’ve had some good times, but in the end you’ve changed and I’m sorry to say this but I have to let you go. We spent lots of fun times together, going on road trips, hanging out and listening to our favorite tunes on the radio. Recently, you’ve began to shut down on me, you’re not the same car I knew 8 years ago. The more money I put into you, the more you betrayed me and it just came to a point where you weren’t worth it anymore. Sorry to be so harsh, but it’s true. Our family is growing, but you’re incapable of growing with us and we no longer feel safe with you. With that off track window you make me feel cold and not as cozy as I used to feel with you. It’s almost like you were trying to drive me away! I hate to say this, but I’ve found someone else, a much younger model. He’s a 2008 Nissan Sentra, you’ve probably seen him parked in the driveway. Don’t worry I won’t put you out to pasture. I’ll hook you up with someone who’s looking for a more mature, slightly damaged car in need of a little shaping. So this is goodbye Honda Civic, we certainly had some good times, didn’t we?

I created this one for the multi photo challenge- I had to use at least 4 pics one a one pager.

journaling- never so free as in childhood.I went a little stickle crazy on this one! LOL! I added stickles to all of the snowflakes and the handstitched border...looks so sparkly IRL!

Details of the stickles covered snowflakes and hand stitching.

This one was created for the altered embellishment challenge. I altered the lace cardstock by painting the border white and the title numbers orange, I altered the acrylic alpha by outlining with paint, I added bling to the numbers and penwork to the scalloped border.
journaling: hey li'l man, it's mommy- I just want you to know how excited I am for you to join our family. I can't wait to meet you, to kiss those wrinkly feet and those sweet baby cheeks. I'm enjoying this time that we have together, just you and me bonding. I must admit, when I thought of having a family, I'd always imagined one boy and one girl, but having 2 little boys is the best surprise and the greatest gift God has blessed me with. When I found out you were a boy, I began to look forward to life with 2 rambunctious little boys! I love you so much already, Mommy 1/23/08

Close-up of the details. I dropped one of the wet painted letters on the pic and ended up painting the edges of the photo with orange paint.

This one was for the Fun Title Challenge. I used the song lyrics to Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" for the title and journaling. I thought it fit the photo perfectly. Photo taken July 2007 on the beach in Jamaica

I painted the swirls using a Heidi Swapp mask. I then highlighted with stardust stickles and rhinestones.


myfrogprince said...

All of your layouts turned out beautiful Tanisha. That stitching on the snow taster layout is incredible and just love that baby belly - so cute!

Amanda Ann said...

Those LO's are all so wonderful!!!

susieq said...

THe snowflake layout is my favorite! I love the snowflake!!! ALL of the layouts are great! but my favorite! well you know already!

wendipooh13 said...

LOVE all your newest LOs Tanisha!!! great job, I think my fave is the pregnant one- love the numbers and Cherry Arte and great photo, love the technique on the snowflake!!! great job

Karen Bowers said...

the pregnant one and the painted swirls ones are my faves! great details on those swirls!

ellen said...

omg...look at your cute!
love how you did the brads on the numbers too! awesome!

NancyJones said...

woman you kick major tail!!!! LOVE your journaling and omg the one of the beach is kick butt that photo is hot hot hot (YOU NEED TO DO HOF AND IM TELLING YOU THAT PHOTO AND THE ONE YOU DID OF YOUR SHOES IN THE SAND, REMEMBER? LOVE IT sooo HOF worthy girl YOU ARE IT!

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