Monday, February 11, 2008


...and seriously counting down!! My little bundle of pain, I mean joy is due April 11th, 60 days from today and boy I can't wait for him to come out!! Don't get me wrong, I want him to stay in as long as possible so he is as healthy as can be, but he is tearing me up!! OMG, today my back hurt so bad that I was in tears!!! I could barely walk and what made it worse is I had to work!! There's a burning sensation under my belly and at the tops of my legs from all the pressure and stretching, I am severely sleep deprived since I can't sleep on my stomach, my most comfortable position. I'm reduced to sleeping on my right side only, which attributes to a lot of the back pain! I'm looking forward to that moment when I push him out and get that "uh" feeling- you know that moment when all the pressure is released and you are overcome with relief!

My eating habits are crazy! One day I'm craving fruit and salads and today it was chocolate....I couldn't get enough, I had to make myself stop!!

I'm starting to have some crazy dreams, too! The other night I dreamed I went into labor during my lunch hour on my last day at work. In my dream, I was eating nacho supreme from this Mexican Cantina in town, something I have been craving IRL, and suddenly felt that pain that let me know I was in labor. I looked down and said "you have got to be freakin' kiddin' me". I called Troy to tell him I was in labor and my friend and asked her to pick-up Donovan and then asked my co-workers to help me get my stuff so I could go to the hospital. As I passed the restroom, I told them that I wasn't going to make it, that I had to throw up and my water was about to break. I went into the bathroom and that was exactly what happened. I remembered trying to remain calm in the dream and ordering someone to call 911 and block the bathroom door so no one else could get in. I ended up having the baby on the floor in the bathroom at work after only 20 minutes of labor. How odd is that? I pray that this doesn't happen in real life. The dream was so vivid, I hope it's not a premonition!!!


Karen Bowers said...

man, tanisha, you are organized even in your dreams!

now you have to go to that restaurant, order that dish, photograph it and then scrap it! you've already got your journaling done!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Make yourself STOP wanting CHOCOLATE??? Are you INSANE??? Don't you know that chocolate is the CURE ALL for all your OTHER cravings? Oh wait, that was during MY pregnancy...6 years ago...guess I'm having flashbacks :-).

Your dreams sound like the ones I have now. And I'm not even pregnant. I almost hate going to bed at night.

I can't WAIT to see pix and eventually LO's of your new little guy. If he looks ANYTHING like his big brother...he's gonna be a hottie! :-)

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.

wendipooh13 said...

soooo excited you are getting close but I'm sure you are ready those last months are the hardest esp the last one!!!! Talk about intense vivid dream, pregnancy ones are crazy intense!!!

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