Friday, March 7, 2008

My Car and new projects

Today started out a good day- I decided to take a personal day from work, I completed an altered project, went to the mall, and then to the beauty salon. I had to park a country mile away, but I made sure I had plenty of money in the meter so I wouldn't have to come back and put more. After the beauty salon, I needed to pick up Donovan to take him the the doctor, well on my way back to my car, my new car that I have had less than 2 months and noticed that some a-hole completely obliterated my driver's side mirror. I mean it's gone, knocked into pieces down the street!!! The only thing left is the arm and the cream colored thing that the mirror used to be mounted to!!! I am thoroughly pissed off!!! Did I mention I just bought the daggone car? This is really not the time to have to come out of pocket for something when I'm about to go on leave, most of which will be unpaid since I used my time! UGH!!!'s the project I completed today. It's an acrylic Easter plaque for my DT assignment at! Really love working with acrylic! This paper from American Crafts was perfect!
close-up of the eggs- I lightly dabbed acrylic paint on the back of each egg and decorated the front with pp and stickles then outlined each with puffy paint.
Close-up of the bunny- I printed it from clipart, cut it out and adhered to cardstock and then trimmed again. I went stickle crazy here!
This is a card I scraplifted from myself- I made this for our friends and gave it to them at their baby shower last weekend. We're due 6 days apart and she loves elephants!


scrappermimi said...

Oh no, so sorry about your mirror. That happened to me before but I was the idiot that did it backing out of my garage.

Love what you did with the acrylic, what a great decoration!

Pamela said...

Great work...I love your projects! :) The bunny is so cute.

Amanda Ann said...

I already told you how mad I am for you about the mirror. That is SO awful!!!

Wonderful project!!

Tracey said... car mirror. :(

Love all the work you've been doing with the acrylic.

Robyn Weatherspoon said...

I'm so sorry about your car, but your project is fabulous! Hugs and have a great weekend!

Amanda L. said...

I love that bunny, especially that I see that he has been Stickled!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

ARGH!!! I am so sorry to hear about your car mirror! Some people!!!

The acrylic Easter project is very cute. I have yet to venture into acrylic land yet. Very cute!

Paul, Aja, Miss Hannah & Sara Kate said...

I just hopped over from Serendipity and I love your blog... its real life. I am looking forward to hearing about your baby. I am due in June, so it will be nice to see someone else's experience. Your very talented, thanks for the inspiration.

NancyJones said...

so sorry bout your car girl!! tats so suckz

love your acrllic projecti got oe more to do for obsessions iwth that overlaything I mighjt try this when i feel I can cut something.
thaink you for bein there girl thank you for just bein you!
love ya

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