Friday, May 30, 2008

A Great Way To End The Week

First off, I'm so pshched because Xander slept through the night for the first time!! I gave him a bath last night around 8:40, he went to sleep around 9 pm and didn't wake up until 5 am. Talk about a happy camper- I didn't go to bed until midnight but 5 straight hours of sleep is way better than I've had in a really long while. I hope it wasn't just a fluke and that we are on our way to him sleeping through the night, every night!

Secondly, I received 2 requests for projects and I am so excited! Paper Trends requested my photo cube for the October 2008 issue and Somerset Memories requested my cardboard layout that I created for Dream Girls challenge #4.

Like I said, this was a great way to end the week!!


Amanda Ann said...

WTG to Xander for sleeping through the night!!!

And WTG to Mommy for having TWO projects picked up!! WooHoo!! You Rock!!!

wendipooh13 said...

Congrats Tanisha!!! way to go!! not only on the projects, but your little one sleeping through the night, I know that feeling and it is amazing!!!

Scrap Your Crap said...

congrats girl on all of it....that is so awesome!!!

Croppycatter said...

congrats on the baby sleeping and the publishing!!!! What a day that is!

Tabitha W. said...

okay, i am sooooo jealous of your sleep! alex still doesn't sleep thru the night.

and congrats on your projects! i have always been a fan of your work :)

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