Friday, August 29, 2008

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

I have had the distinct pleasure of designing for Zsiage for the past 16 months and have recently resigned from my position. I am looking to simplify my life in some area and anticipating newer journeys in other areas. Being a member of this team has helped me stretch my abilities and soar as a scrapper and I am forever grateful to Dina for providing me with such a great opportunity! I have made a ton of fun projects using all of Zsiage's lines, here are few of my favorites! TFL!


Marie Levite said...

It's sad when we have to give up something we enjoy to journey down a different path. Good luck to you on your new adventure. You are a talented lady. I always enjoy seeing your work at Scrap Diner!

erin said...

i totally hear you on simplifying life!!! good luck, and cheers to finding peace!

Helena said...

It must be so hard to leave something you really enjoy and are comfortable with and go on to new things ... but way to go girl, good on you for being so brave!!!!!

BTW check out my blog I have given you an award!

KJ said...

Beautiful creations! Zsiage is losing a great designer, but I understand about having to simplify...been there. But, you won't regret it.

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