Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I've been tagged by Aja-

1. I can not mop the bathroom floor before mopping the kitchen floor; if i had the room, I would have 2 separate mops.

2. I've only broken 1 bone in my life- 3rd finger right hand.

3. I'm a lefty.

4. I can't swim, but I love to snorkel...go figure!

5. Thursday the 12th is usually my bad luck day.

6. I am a serious daydreamer.

7. I probably have over 100 different pairs of shoes (including flip flops)

I'm tagging YOU!!


Lily said...

fun facts!

Veronica Starr said...

oh la la!!! love the chocolate colored blog decor!!! :)
and the heck... you mop??? you are awesome!!! ;)

Cathy said...

Well in essence, You are mopping the bathroom floor before the kitchen floor if you continue to use the same mop!! : ) LOL

Hey girl, how are you? Hope all is well in your world!!

The Shoup Family said...

100 freakin pairs of shoes... hey I am coming to your house. I love shoes but I do not have the space... or a decent shoes shoe! You can't swim eh.. well its overrated... unless your in an airplane over the atlantic... or on a cruise ship perhaps. But I would die from the shear anxiety of being in such deep water... good grief I have chills up my back.
Hey good point on the mop there... never thought of it that way... but will surely remember now that I have a little boy!
Be back soon...


Michelle said...

I want to follow your blog but there is no link to do so??? Where did it go?? LOL ;)
I'll try again later.


YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

I had to stop by because of the name of your blogspot. You're terrible.

I'm a lefty, and I mop my kitchen first too.

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