Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold As Ice

We're no longer only covered in we're covered in snow and ice!

I'm sure my neighbors thought I was downright certifiable when they saw me outside in the icy rain with my camera taking photos of the bushes! LOL! They don't understand, but you do...right?!

All photos were taken with my 100mm lens.


floridagirl said...

I understand completely - Awesome pictures girl!!

Vicki said...

Who cares what others think. Your photos are fantastic.

Sheri said...

I understand! Great pictures! I would be out there too! I was taking pictures of layouts outside last week and it was 20 degrees. Needed that natural light!

Tamika said...

love the pictures, hate the ice! I am glad we got mostly rain.

snapdragon said...

I get it, and I wish I had some weather to photograph.

I found your blog from - on there, my name is "quilt" and my avatar is my little black dog.

Your boys are adorable, and your LOs are inspiring me. I just might have to scraplift one or two!

Take care & stay warm!

k.miller said...

wow i can't imagine what it must be like because i am in sunny miami, but those are BEAUTIFUL photos!

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