Friday, July 24, 2009

Another MLS Giveaway!!

My Little Shoebox is giving away a set of one of our NEW lines!!! Go to the blog and tell us what your favorite line is. Include your name and state and you may be the lucky one to get a package at the door with some new goodies!!! Entrees must be in by this Saturday, midnight!!!

On another note....we are thrilled to see how excited you are about the contest!! If you haven't posted, you have until Saturday at midnight. If you are attending CHA, be sure to come by and drop off a business card or your name and info on a piece of paper. On Thursday morning we will be giving away a ton of mini letters!!!! Booth #543.


zandra said...

Thanks, I'll head on over there. Congrats on the cruise! Hugz, Z

Laila said...

I really like the "in bloom" line. Very cute designs.

I'm Laila in Illinois

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