Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Karate Kid | Buzz and Bloom Sneak Peak

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

My day started out pretty early. I had to get up at 7:00am to get Donovan and myself ready and out the door to his first karate tournament.

This past summer we decided to put him in karate to help with his coordination, keep him disciplined, and continue to develop his self-esteem. He liked it so much that we signed him up for the black belt club. So good...he really enjoys karate!

I was so proud of him today. He stood in front of all the other kids in his group and their parents and proudly demonstrated the moves he's learned up to this point. He usually gets really shy in front of unfamiliar groups, but not today...I think he's finally out growing that!

He received a trophy for "Super Sportsmanship/Spirit". He was so excited as were the other children. Way to go Donovan!!! Keep up the great work!!


My first post is up on Buzz and Bloom's blog. I posted directions for making these awesome denim and corduroy flowers. Pop by and check it out!

Have a wonderful day!


Jenny said...

Awesome trophy Donovan! Super flowers Mommy!

Diana said...

Tanisha! He's so cute!! Definitely a proud momma moment. Can't wait to see what the flowers are attached to!

Helena said...

WOW, Tanisha, how cute does Donovan look!! Well done Donovan!!

Your flowers look fantastic!!!


Madeline said...

Those flowers are fabulous!

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