Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I've heard the saying that April showers bring May flowers, but do you know what March showers bring? FLOODS!!! That's right, floods! The ground is still so saturated from all of the snow that fell this past winter and there's nowhere for more water to go. About 2 weeks ago, we got so much rain here that out backyard flooded big time. I had guests at my house that weekend and someone made the comment that they didn't know we had a lake in our backyard...LOL, neither did I! So many people that live in towns more north and west of where we are lost so much of their belongings due to flooding--they were literally rowing down the streets in boats....rivers were overflowing... I'm glad we didn't have it as bad.

I was a little worried about the water into our newly (a year ago) renovated basement. Thankfully, there's a slope at the back of the house that acted as sort of a barrier. We did get some water in the basement via the front of the house, but not much to get upset over. I just need to go over the wet space with a carpet shampooer and my carpet will be as good as new.

I don't know what condition our shed (or the stuff in it) will be in by the time all of the water recedes.

The water in the backyard was so high that the seat of my neighbors wrought iron bench was covered and has now rusted. I took this picture a day or so after the rain FINALLY stopped.

The one thing I did enjoy about the rainy aftermath was our new neighbors. I thought I was seeing things the first time I saw these ducks swimming in the backyard. There were 4 of them. I want to know how did they manage to find our "lake". I guess ducks are a lot smarter that I thought and can find water anywhere.

The wood duck on the right cracked me up...every time I saw it it's head was underwater, I guess bobbing for worms.

It's raining here again and the backyard is flooding, yet again. I have a sneaky suspicion that I'll being seeing these guys again very soon!

Have a great day and wherever you are, I hope it's dry!

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rachaelwood said...

Sorry about the rain, my yard (in louisiana) is finally dried out for a day or two! Hopefully this weekend brings the heat they are promising you guys!

Lacintha said...

Gorgeous pics, Tanisha...those duckies are awfully cute, although I can imagine all that rain can be a pain (hey, I'm a poet...lol)...Thanks for the bloggity visit :)

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