Thursday, December 9, 2010

Disney Holiday Event

I've had so many projects to post recently, that I have yet to have a chance to tell you all about the wonderful time the boys and I had at Disney's Holiday Event last month. There were a few stations set up around the room for families to visit. Being a scrapbooking mom, you can imagine that my boys were instantly drawn to the arts and crafts tables. They had a chance to paint a canvas, make Christmas ornaments, and even decorate cookies...which barely made it home in one piece as they were devoured by my little cookie monsters!

Then Donovan realized that there were 5 plasma TVs, each with a different interactive Disney game hooked up to it. Each of the games were released in November 2010. Disney Party Hits was one of the faves. It's a karaoke style game that takes things a step further because there's a vocal training option which helps you practice in order to get a better score. Once you are ready to play, there are a list of songs featuring Disney's singing stars to choose from. Donovan's favorite song is "It's On" from Camp Rock. Even 2 year old Xander got in on the act! He loves "Boom Boom Pow".

Donovan's ultimate #1 fave was this game...

I couldn't pry him off of it!! LOL! Here he is showing Sunny some of his awesome dance moves. The great thing about these games is that they 1. are easy to's as simple as putting the disc in the Wii and 2. they get the kids moving! By the time I was able to convince Donovan that it was time to go (we had parent teacher conference that same night) he had worked up a serious sweat and was out of breath,but love every second of it! On our way back to New Jersey, I couldn't help but smile as his eyes lit up every time he talked about playing this game!

He still keeps reminding me that we have to put it on his Christmas list!

Disclosure: I received a gift bag with 2 video games as I left the event. All opinions are 100% my own.


Anonymous said...

How cool is that? Do you live by one of the resorts? Do they do this all over the US? How fun for your kids..I am jealous!!

TanishaRenee said...

I wish I lived close to one of the resorts. This was an event held in NYC and I was invited to go since I live close.

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