Sunday, January 30, 2011

52 Week Project - January Photos

One day last month, I saw that my girl, Sasha had 'liked' a link to a blog called the 52 Week Project on Facebook. She always finds the coolest stuff on the 'net, so I decided to check it out since I noticed it was photography related and knew it was something I'd be interested in.

Last year, I started Project 365, where you take a photo every day of the year. I failed miserably at it and probably took about 5 pictures before I gave up. I'm still interested in doing Project 365 as I've loved seeing other dedicated photographers' pictures...but I'm going to take smaller steps and build up to that.

The 52 Week project is a challenge blog dedicated to getting photographers of all levels to take a self portrait once a week for a year. This is right up my alley. For those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that my scrapping motto is to scrap yourself. I believe it's imperative to be included in our own family histories, which is why I make sure to get in front of the camera every now and again. I know for some, the thought of taking self portraits can be a nerve wracking experience, but Kim (author of the 52 week project blog) and the other participants make you feel at ease and have some great inspirational ideas, too!

I'll be sharing each of my photos here at the end of each month. I'm really excited about this challenge, so I hope I can stick it out all the way far, so good.

Week 1 photo: taken 1/2/11 feeling kind of blah

Week 1

Week 2 photo: 1/15/11 I'm staying true to my one and only resolution--to cook healthier meals for my family. I am loving Rachael Ray's new cookbook! I've already made about 6 or 7 meals from it and they were yummy!

This photo came out blurry because I wasn't in front of the camera when focusing and I couldn't get it right, but for some strange reason, I like the look that the blurriness adds. I just wished my eyes were less blurry, but hey they can't all be perfect, right?!

Week 2

Week 3: taken 1/22/11 with my 50mm lens. I held the camera at arms length and snapped a couple of photos...I really like this one. I used Picassa to desaturate the photo until just before it completely turned black and white. You can still see the tones in my hat and a little color in my lips and my gold earring. I like how the light in my eye looks like 2 converging lines...almost like a road to my soul.

Week 4 photo taken 1/29/11 My boys and me on the day of Donovan's 7th birthday. I like how the shadows on my living room wall created sort of a vignette around us. I call this one Crazy Chaotic Love.

Donovan is my first born child. Every birthday that he celebrates is also a reminder of how long I've been a mother and in essence is an extra reason to celebrate!

I love these crazy boys to death!!
Crazy Chaotic Love Week 4

I think my weeks are a little off...but it's OK, I'll figure it out and get on the right schedule. I'm just happy that I stuck with it this steps...right...

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you've enjoyed getting a little peek into my world. Have a wonderful February!


Deanna said...

LOVE that one of the 3 of you! What a great shot!

*kim* said...

I love the idea of blogging your weeks by the month. Your photos are amazing and I must agree with you about Sasha, she always find and shares great stuff!

Glad you are playing along. :)

Jessi Myers said...

I love this idea! Such great pictures too! Miss you and the Diner girls, but I'm so glad you're doing well and getting to do some fun crafty things!

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