Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Swingin' Summer

Summer is my favorite season. I anticipate its arrival and am sad to see it depart. One of the fun activities that I planned this Summer was to visit different parks and playgrounds with the boys. As always, the swings were a big hit!! Both boys made HUGE strides on the swings.

For one, Donovan finally learned to swing without a push. This is big for both of us because he was getting too heavy to push...my boy weighs 88 lbs! I had to really plant my feet and prep my wrists to push him. He credits his newly found swinging skills to his cousin Jaden who told him to lean back and spread his legs in a "v". Somehow this worked better that the way I tried to show him...LOL.

photo taken at Echo Lake Park

Mr. Xander has grown bolder on the swings. No matter how high I pushed him, he wanted to go higher! He just giggles and screams "higher, mommy, push me higher"!

photo taken at Palisades Park, Ross Dock Picnic Area

I love that such simple things make them happy!! Hopefully the cold weather stays away a little longer so we can enjoy more days at the park.

Enjoy your day!

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Pamela said...

Fabulous pictures! :)

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