Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's April 1st!

That means the first challenge is up on the Dreamgirls Challenge Blog! Check it out here and please play along with us, it'll be tons of fun!
Here's my take on the challenge. I can't tell you how much fun it was to create this LO, especially "girlifying" the grungeboard with paint, glossy accents and glitter!
journaling reads: There was a time after becoming a mom when I went through a phase- I guess you could say there was a “minor glitch” in my self-esteem. I weighed more than ever in my life and my body felt…different. I was suddenly uncomfortable in my own skin due to all of the changes and I started picking myself apart. One day I decided that enough was enough; after all I was still the same person. So my body was bigger- get over it! I can’t say that I have truly gotten over it, but I’m living with it. The day I snapped this photo, I didn’t feel any of those insecurities…I felt really beautiful! I don’t know if it was because I had turned 33 the day before and was finally settling in to a “this is who I am, love it or leave it” niche! Perhaps I was glowing because of the little bud growing in my belly, which I wouldn’t find out about until a week or so later. It doesn’t matter, I felt truly beautiful from the inside out and I decided to record and celebrate that feeling!


wendipooh13 said...

such an amazing page!!! love the LO and LOVE the journaling!!!I felt horrible about my body after I had kids, and some days I'm ok, and some days I still want to cry!!

LuvJones said...

Good job! I think I will do the challenge! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are feeling well!

Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

AWESOME Tanisha! i agree with you 100% and you are SO not fat anyway!!!!! :-)

Melonie said...

Love this Tanisha! Amazing!

Raechelle said...

this is a gorgeous layout! The photo is beautiful and full of life, and your journaling is fantastic! TFS!

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