Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Slip, Boom, Boom, Boom, OOOWWWWW!!

Yeah...that would be the sound of me falling down the steps just after midnight!!! Go ahead and laugh! It's funny now, but I am jacked up! Talk about getting caught off guard...I was heading up to bed about 12:20 am, right? I remembered that I wanted to take some allergy medicine 'cause I was sniffling and sneezing, so I go bouncing my butt downstairs and BAM, I landed square on my butt and at the bottom of the steps! I am too damn old to be falling down the steps, my body can't take all that man! I hit my left elbow and skinned it and hit the heel of my left foot so hard that I can't even put all of my weight on it. I tried icing it this afternoon, but it still hurts like heck! Leave it to me! HAHAHAHAHA!

Good thing I had called out since Xan was sick, 'cause I would not have been able to walk around on this foot all day. I hope it's better tomorrow!

While I was out with my little one, I managed to get some scrapping in.

I broke out some more of my stickers since it's the product spotlight over at

Thepics are of me and my baby boy all snuggled up on his first snow day! I love that his jacket allowed me to chose one of my favorite color combinations. The frame around the b/w pic is actually a journaling spot sticker, but I made it a frame and I colored the making memories journaling spot to match the rest of the LO.

journaling: this icy, snowy day was perfect for snuggling close to you!

I just couldn't wait until I had the opportunity to scrap these photos! They really showcase how much Donovan loves his brother. He really does hug him like that every day...all up tight on his cheek like that, and he kisses him and tells him that he loves him all the time. It's so heart warming!

journaling: big hugs...really tight squeezes accompanied by the words "I love you Xan!" and lots of kisses. Donovan truly loves his little brother and he truly shows him every single day! Xan is crazyfor him, too!

My plan for this month is to purge and get rid of all of the unnecessary things that clutter my life. Today, it was scrap magazines! I've kept all of the ones I've ever received since I started subscribing back in 2005! Today I took out the ones from 2008 to keep and I'm tossing the rest. (To the recycling bin you go) Ahhhh, that feels good!

Thanks for checking out my place!


~EssenseVibez~ said...

gurllll---you've got to be more careful---you kn ow our bodies can't tolerate the big BOOM!--i hope you feel better--i know what its like to get injured and can't do the things you so take for granted---trust and believe i'm still suffering from my accident in 2002---may always have a slight limp when i walk---becuaz my knee got caught in the dsahboard---but thats another story--i pray that the pain goes away and that you will be able to get back to normal---remain blessed!!!

Cin Cin said...

Oh Tanisha! SO sorry about your fall-yikes!- That TOTALLY sounds like something I would do. Rest up and hopefully you feel better soon.

erin said...

hi tanisha,
i feel for you! i've done that after my second daughter was born, and it was only three lil steps into our garage. LOL
take care.

Lily said...

ooo, girl, I feel your ain. Why is it that as we get older and our bodies can't take bumps and knocks that we get more uncoordinated. I hope you are recovering from all your pains. Love the pages

Rochelle said...

yup! I need to purge my magazines too! So hard for me to let go!! :)

scrapNdiva said...

OUCH! but it didn't take away from your creativity! very nice layouts - you are going to push me to be a bit more creative - that's what I love about your blog - you do the best work I've ever seen :)

Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

GREAT work!! i need to check out your blog more often, sorry about your trip! eeks, i am so clumsy i can totally relate :-)

Ziggyeor said...

Thanks for the inspirations! I just hit all my magazines and they're in a big white garbage bag next to the door. I think I'll take them to goodwill though. Some budget scrapper might like them. But then I'd need to go back through and cut off my addy :p just thought of that. Maybe I'll just take out the books and send the rest to the recyling LOL

Aja Jenise said...

AHHH!! These pages are priceless!! I LOVE em chica!! Xan makes everything perfect... well him and Donovan... cant leave big brother out... 'cause he is a heartbreaker...

Hey sorry for the fall... nothing is worse than bringing yourself down single handed, with no one to blame. No worries though... your creativity has put you back on that pedestal again!! Beautiful lovey!!

Krissy said...

DAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNG Girl, you sound like me! I take a tumble down one set of stairs or another at least once a week! Grace is NOT my middle name! (Apparently, it's not YOURS either!) LOL! Sorry about the fall and hope you get to feeling better soon. I LOVE the layouts. Your photos are soooooooo soft and meaningful!

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