Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kids Kingdom

We love it when Kid's Kingdom Traveling Jubilee comes to town!! It's a wonderful event that offers live (interactive) entertainment, displays, crafts, music, games, inflatable rides, a petting zoo, etc. It's provides so much fun and is relatively inexpensive!! There's no admission fee, just $1 per inflatable ride and the cost of food/snacks.

The boys and I went this past Saturday; I take them whenever KKTJ comes to a park near us. They never get tired of Bubblemania or the Lego station. This year, the reptile station caught their eye...especially the lady standing out front holding a boa constrictor!

The Wrecking Ball is one of the new inflatable rides...of course Mr. Donovan HAD to try it!

(click on each photo for a larger view)

I love capturing moments like this. Donovan is only 7, but has grown so much (physically and mentally) in the past year. He stands taller than most 9 year olds, he's becoming more and more independent each day and doesn't allow me (or anyone else) to kiss him, but moments like this remind me that he is STILL my little boy.

It takes a lot of concentration and skill to juggle and walk on stilts.

Of course Sir Xander had to get in on the action. He's such an independent little guy and has no problem making his presence known. Love that about him!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a little peek into my life!

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