Thursday, August 4, 2011

52 Week Project - July Photos

Week 27/52 takes 7.6.11 I can not let a beautiful day go to waste, so after my chiro appt, I grabbed lunch at Panera (frontega chicken panini and thai chopped chicken salad) and headed to the park for a picnic of 1.

Week 27/52

Week 28/52 taken 7.16.11 At my goddaughter's pool's HOT...hence the scowl!

Week 28/52

Week 29/52 taken 7.23.11 Enjoying a rare weekend at home, all by myself. I actually finished my book...uninterrupted!

Week 29/52

Week 30/52 taken 7.30.11 Night out on the town at BB King's (NYC) with my sisters to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

Week 30/52

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