Monday, August 1, 2011

Balloon Festival Part 1

Last night was the second time that I attended the balloon festival and I tell ya, seeing hot air balloons never gets old!! I took Donovan with me last time, but he doesn't remember the trip because it was 4 years ago and he was only 3. Now that Xander is 3, I thought it would be a great time to visit again. The boys loved it and of course, Donovan proclaimed it "the best day ever in his life". My budding photographer and I took over 250 beautiful photos. I love how the flight pattern changed from my last visit. This time, instead of the balloons flying away from the spectators, they actually flew toward us and over our heads, treating us to an amazing view.

I have a ton of photos that I'd like to share over the next couple of posts. Today, I'm just sharing photos of the different USA balloons, they usually get a big rise out of the crowd...naturally!

Until next post...

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