Monday, May 21, 2007

End Of The Road

Well, I didn't make it to round 3 of the SYTYCS contest. I must admit I'm a little surprised, I thought my LO was rockin'! Oh well, maybe next time. I do plan to play along for the next 4 weeks for a chance to win some prizes.


Cathy said...

Well, shocked is what I for sure am!!! Don't really get. Keep playing along though, show them what you are made of girl! You rock in my book!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh, what do they know??? LOL I thought it was awesome! Ok, what do I know? hee hee

Keep up the good work!

Kristi Smith said...

I agree, you should have moved on!!! I came from Cathy's blog, and I looked at all the layouts!!! Loved the color scheme.

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