Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Road To Recovery

I've been feeling better lately. I think the events surrounding my sister's wedding had a lot to do with catapulting me into my current state of happiness. I had a cute hairdo (which always makes me feel good), a gorgeous dress, and I've been laughing and acting like my old silly self and it feels good. I find it hard to go back to that whole gloomy demeanor that I was in after the loss. I'm feeling good and I'm definitely on the road to recovery!

Check out my sister and her new husband....don't they look so good together? I had so much fun at her wedding, it was small and intimate and the ceremony was just beautiful. I was her Matron of Honor and very proud to stand up for my sis, just like she did for me 5 years ago.

Here's a pic of my hubby and me at the reception. He was in the wedding, too (it was only natural since we've been together since my sister was 16). Our son was the broom bearer; it was truly a family affair.

I tell you, I love this man so very much! He has truly been my rock and I don't know how I would have handled our situation if not for him. I have been reminded of why I fell in love with him 13 years ago. Well, that and the fact that he's sexy as heck!

I made and album for the newlyweds using my fabulous Zsiage products. It's a marital advice album in which I had all of the bridal shower attendees write relationship advice. I added pics and embellies and I love how it turned out...check it out!


Dawn Bibbs said...

How beautiful! I love weddings. Although, I have no idea when I'll get to attend another one, as everyone I know is already married or they're still children :-).

Your sister and her hubby look great. And you look beautiful. You're right, the hair was ROCKIN! lol You and your hubby are very cute together too.

Glad you're feeling better these days. I was concerned about you for a bit there. Take care and I'll be checking in on you soon. Oh, and thanks for the comments on my blog. I love that!!!

Have a groovy day!

myfrogprince said...

Beautiful picture of you and your hubby Tanisha, you make a great couple. LOVE the Marital advice book that you put together for your sister, what a great gift!

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