Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Just back from our vacation in's good to get away, but even better to come HOME! We had a such great time, though we didn't do the really touristy things this time around. We took Donovan on the semi-sub boat ride, a shopping trip and did a lot of the activities at the hotel. He had such a good time he could barely contain himself. I found myself telling him a few times to stop screaming, but I know he just had to get the excitement out. He will gladly tell anyone who will listen that he played in the pool (for hours), he played golf with daddy and pop-pop, he played chess and checkers with mommy (the giant beach-sized version), he played hop scotch. DH and I took a trip down memory lane when we passed the hotel that we stayed at 11 years ago. We even ended up going out to the same "club" we went to, which I now know was Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. So much has changed...Jamaica is a lot more "Americanized" now than it was then, but I guess some change is good! There are so many more shops and everywhere I looked there were fast food restaurants! When we were there 11 years ago, I just remember Burger King, now Pizza Hut and KFC have set up shop and there are Chinese Restaurants all over the place.

I can't wait to get settled (I have lots of laundry) and sort through the 400+ photos so I can print them, upload them and create some LOs! I promise to share pics soon!


Cathy said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound.

I love Jimmy Buffet's. Joe and I spent a nice day there. Did you get a picture of yourselves at the big flip flop?

Dawn Bibbs said...

Well, welcome back! Glad you guys had a good time...albeit with uninvited guests at time :-).

You're right, it's always fun to get away. But there's just something about getting back to the homefront...sometimes you just need a vacation from your vacation.

Looking forward to those pictures AND those LO's. Happy scrappin, Mon!

Adriann said...

Welcome back! I saw you new LO's on Wow!!!

LuvJones said...

How fun! So glad you had a good time...I love visiting Jamaica, haven't been though in a few years. I love Ocho Rios Dunns River Falls. I need to go back!
Can't wait to see your layouts girl!

Doulanana said...

I giggled when I read about Donovan screaming. I bet he had so much fun. Welcome back.

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