Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Photos From Jamaica

(Scroll down to the previous post for the first set) I really enjoyed taking all of these photos, too. I want to take a photography class so I can really hone my skills.

I waited and waited for the wind to kick up just right so I could capture the flag! It took a few minutes and a couple of tries, but the wind finally cooperated!

I took this with my telephoto lens while on the semi-submarine. The colorful umbrellas caught my eye.
There were quite a few weddings at our resort. I met a lady from PA who informed me that her daughter was getting married. This alter was decorated for her wedding. The flowers were absolutely stunning!
Told you I loved sunset photos! This is the wedding alter under a magnificent Jamaican sunset.
I love the lighting on this flower. There were so many beautiful flowers on the resort's grounds.

This flower's stamen looks like it's jumping right out of the photo! Love this color, too!

Although I love all colors, blue is my most favorite! Love all of the blues on this boathouse.
I was a little infatuated with all of the sailboats...wonder where they're going.

This one is so pretty and colorful. The wind shifted as I took the photo so I couldn't capture the sail in all of it's colorful glory.
Little man, "...I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean..."
The pools looks so calm and inviting under the moonlight...it's a different story during the day!
Really tall palm trees...Donovan was so infatuated by them. Every time he saw one he'd say "and mommy, there's a pum tree...and another one"!
Thanks for taking a peek!


delder21 said...

Love the boathouse pic and the one of the colorful umbrellas! Great photos Tanisha!

Conibaer said...

Love the pic with your son on the beach and those beautiful sunsets! Beautiful photos again!

Adriann said...

Beautiful pics! Girl you have an eye!! I especially love the altar photos, absolutely gorgeous!!!

Cathy said...

More fantastic photos. Joe and I got a bit toasty on the Day Dreamer sailboat. I would have to say that was one of our best times on a vacation. It was the rum punch! LOL

When I first started scrappin, I did a LO of their flag. The back ground was the flag and then Joe and I in a picture in the middle of it. I'll have to show you some day.

I took some photography classes. I'm so moved by it. It's my 2nd passion, or maybe it's my 1st and scrap booking comes 2nd. Hmmmmm

ScrappinMyRoots said...

Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! I love that your son was able to enjoy his vacation too. Welcome back!

TanishaRenee said...

Yeah, Cathy that rum punch is something else! LOL!

Alycia Sanders said...

Tanisha, you are rocking! They're all amazing photos! My fav is the one of the pool...and the umbrellas beachside. =)

scrappermimi said...

Your photographs are just fantastic! Really looks beautiful!
Those alters make me what to get married again, this time on the beach!

Kate said...

I love the boathouse picture! Those are all beautiful!!

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