Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Share Your Stash

We've been playing this really cool game over at scrap-diner.com called Share Your Stash. The rules are pretty simple- the hostess picks something that is easily and inexpensively mailed. All who sign up must commit to sending the winner the item listed. The hostess randomly draws a name of the person who will receive the specified items from all of the people who signed up to play that round. If you are the winner you will receive happy mail from all over the place and you host the next round. You get to pick the next item to share; the hostess can't win but does send happy mail to the winner of her round.

Well for the first round, the players had to share 4 clear items each. Guess who won the first round...................ME!!! Woot woot! It was so much fun looking forward to getting happy mail everyday- way better than getting bills! This is what I ended up with -- a fabulous array of clear/sheer/see through items along with some really cute cards. I love clear items and can't wait to create some projects with my RAK!

I was the hostess of round 2 and choose ribbon as the RAK. Each participant has to send the winner 5 different types of ribbon, at least 12" each. The winner of this RAK is about to be showered in ribbon!
Here's a recent LO I created- I scraplifted this LO created by Sher, owner of scrap-diner.com! The photo is of Xander at 8 days old.



Amanda Ann said...

Awesome goodies!!!!
And I love that layout! It rocks!!

Pamela said...

What fun...luck you, and I love that LO!!!

Sherine said...

WOw, look at all those goodies!

Your LO is incredible. Absolutely stunning.

erin said...

sending you big hugs and congratulations on your stash, woohoo:) ok i know it may be dorky to say or type woohoo but i am just excited for you!
and beautiful scraplift:)

Me said...

Looks like it was fun!

A's Mom said...

What a great idea! And that LO is absolutely beautiful! Are those words on a transparency film? Too cool!

Helena said...

Oh what a cool game to play, you have got some really nice stash there! love the layout!!!

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