Monday, September 15, 2008

Here's a quick and easy technique to create a ribbon flower. (Also posted as this month's technique on savvy n sassy's blog.

You will need the following supplies:
12" of 1 1/2" ribbon, 6" of 1" ribbon, needle, thread, 1 medium sided brad

First, fold the short end under (approx 1/4")

Starting at the folded end, stitch the entire length of the 1 1/2" ribbon using a basting stitch.

Pull the thread and gather the ribbon until it forms a circle.

Stitch the ends together so the gathering does not unravel.

This is what it will look like.

Repeat the same steps for the 1" ribbon.

Layer the smaller flower on top of the larger one and secure with a brad. Voila, there you have it, a ribbon flower.

Adhere flower to your project.



Lily said...

oooo, super cute. going to have to try this

Kimberly said...

your colors are great.
I make these for my dd's hair all the time-the shear ribbon gives a nice effect as well.

Melissa said...

Cool! :) Thanks for sharing!

Nnairda's said...

Very sassy and savvy! Thanks for the congrats!!


NancyJones said...

now just how friggin kayute is that! hugs girl and smooch the kidlets for me!

Rochelle said...

How cute!!! TFS!! I am gonna try this! ;)

Ruth said...

great technique thanks for sharing

scrappermimi said...

Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Very cute card too!

Nicole said...

thanks for showing how to make the flowers... and I love that card.

KJ said...

OMG! That flower is beautiful! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

cakes_are_fun said...

Thanks for the technique!

Kimberly said...

great tutorial! that flower is just gorgeous!!!!!
oh, heck, everything you make is gorgeous!!!
good luck with the contest! your buckethead layout is darling!!!

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