Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm So Sad About This

I served on this design team and even designed an acrylic album for the company (Perfect Postage) and now it's closing! This wacked out economy is messing it up for everyone! What a horrible chain effect!

"It is with mixed emotions that I write this email to the friends and supporters of My Acrylic Album. Effective May 31st, My Acrylic Album will go into retirement. Many changes have taken effect in the last six months that led to this decision including the slowing of sales in the scrapbook industry and the closure of many of our retail store clients.

We are offering the following discount on all your favorite My Acrylic Album acrylics~
Save 25% off by using the code CLOSEOUT at checkout!
Flate - Rate SHIPPING of $6.95 for each order shipped within the United States!

It has been a true pleasure bringing you innovative designs and top quality products.
Please feel free to spread the word and share the savings with others!"

Warmest Regards,
Dee Gilcrease
My Acrylic Album


Anonymous said...

Awww, that's so sad. Sorry about the company. :(

Rochelle said...

wow.. that is really sad!

Robin Gibson said...

Oh, I too am sad to learn this! I LOVE their albums!!

Greta Adams said...

this just SUCKS!!

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