Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Setting Sail To Bermuda

This is a quick video of my mom and I on our cruise to Bermuda (her first vacation ever!)--we're so silly! LOL!

...and boy did we eat! When you go on a cruise, be sure to check your diet at the door...err...gangway that is!

Thanks for taking a peek! I'll have pictures up some time soon.


ellen s. said...

oh how fun!

almondeyez2000 said...

Omg, have some fun for me! Bermuda is nice, especially the local breakfast!!

Brown English Muffin (aka Melanie) said...

I think I gained 10 lbs just watching the food pictures!!! LOL

Liz Qualman said...

Can I just say that I am TOTALLY jealous and psyched for you! You must have had such a great trip. Won this at SB&B??? Do tell. Love all your projects from Shimmerz and MLS too. Take care -

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