Thursday, November 5, 2009

Purple Cows Motherload Contest...Under 2 Months Left To Enter

Just some quick reminders about the Purple Cows Design Contest!

We want to make sure as many people as possible enter and everyone understand just how easy it is to enter!

Here is how it is done:

Step #1 Take a picture using any of the Purple Cows Products, it could be the most budget conscious product Purple Cows makes, or the most expensive! It does not matter, any Purple Cows Product! No, you don't have to show your face if you do not want, just show your Purple Cows Product in action!

Step #2 Get down with your crafty self and make a project using your Purple Cows Tool/Product. Take a picture of your super fabulous art.

Step #3 Write a short blurb, or paragraph letting us know why and how Purple Cows inspires you to be crafty!

Now take your 2 photos, and your blurb... and email them to Vennita at

Now for the "DID YOU KNOW?" part:

Did you know that Purple Cows makes products for every budget? You do not have to spend alot to get a Purple Cows Tool! We have products for every crafter!

Did you know that INTERNATIONAL Entries are welcomed!!! Yes, international entries are welcome -so go create and send your submissions in!

Did you know that the entries will be voted on in a blind poll? Purple Cows and the Purple Cows Staff/DT will take the top 15 entries from the blind poll, and pick out the five WINNERS! Did you know that even YOU, EVERYONE, ANYONE has a chance of winning as much as, $5000.00 in Purple Cows products? If you do not enter you don't have a chance, so what are you waiting for??

Did you know we are so excited to see what you make!

Have a great day, get yourself crafting!

(go to, click on the create tab, and click on "Friends of Purple Cows" to get the printable version of the rules.)

Don't forget to stop by the Facebook fan page or the Blog and tell them Tanisha sent you!!

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