Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness (Days 1-7)

There are so many things, big and small, that I have to be thankful for. Last year, I joined in on a challenge with an online forum and created daily posts about something that I was thankful for during the month of November. I've decided to do the same thing again this year and share my posts on a weekly basis.

This week, I am thankful for:

Day 1 Lynn, the best Zumba instructor ever...although I didn't make it to class this morning.

Day 2 my chiropractor for getting all of the kinks out and the ability to exercise my right to vote..

Day 3 unemployment; although it's not enough and a job would be greatly appreciated, it's better than nothing!

Day 4 spending an entire rainy, school's out Thursday in our pajamas.

Day 5 the extra ounce of patience that helped me deal with a "messy" situation. Let's just say potty training is a bitch!

Day 6 having a family dinner date with my guys and my in-laws and celebrating a friend's milestone birthday.

Day 7 getting that extra hour of rest, thanks to daylight savings time coming to an end.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have much to be thankful for this week!

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