Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness

March is always a fun month for Donovan at school!! There's "Crazy Hat Day", "Crazy Socks Day" and this year, his Principal added "Dress As Your Favorite Book Character Day". Donovan wore his black cowboy hat this year. (check out what he wore last year) I gave him a dollar to buy crazy socks at school and he came home with a cute red and yellow pair with a big bumble bee on the side. Can I just tell you that he wore the socks for 3 days (Fri-Sun)? I had to make him take them off...note to self, buy Donovan some more crazy socks.

I took one of his old yellow uniform t-shirts and turned it into a Charlie Brown style shirt.

I bought some black fabric, hand cut the zigzag pattern (albeit crookedly) and stitched it to the shirt and added some black pants (it's way too cold for shorts).

He was not very cooperative when I asked to take his picture. It's funny, when I'm taking pictures of other things, he begs me to take his picture. On the other hand, when I ask him to let me take his picture, he doesn't want me to. Go figure!

Anyway,here's the front view taken at school...

and the back taken at home...

March is also Women's History Month, so his school had a "Calling All Women" Breakfast. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc... were invited to bring the student to school and have breakfast with them. I attended this year and last because I love the idea (they also have "calling all men") and can't wait until the next one around Mother's Day. I love that his school is very family oriented.

Of course when one of my boys is getting photo attention, the other wants in on the action too. So here's my very soon to be 3 year old in his monster pjs!

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