Saturday, June 13, 2009

Castle Infatuation

Located in the heart of Magical Kingdom, Cinderella Castle is the iconic fairy-tale fortress that serves as the gateway to Fantasyland. I think it's quite obvious that I am totally in love with this beautiful, amazingly detailed structure. Watching the castle change colors at night made me feel like a little kid in awe of her favorite character!

Thanks for looking!


Dalovely Damanda said...

You took beautiful castle pics! Love the purple one at night!

Anonymous said...

Hey've been busy! How exciting going to Disney to meet other women go, girl! Sounds like you had a wonderful happy for you. Loved your descriptions, and your photos were the perfect compliment.

The little felt thingys came from Michael's...down the kids projects aisle last year (prolly just before or after Halloween)

Thanks for stoppin by my blog!

Mommy of Many said...

HI, I enjoy your blog so much that I left a little something for you at my place!

Liz Qualman said...

WOW - your photos are just magical!! Love what you have done with your blog too. Now the question is...what papers are you going to use to scrap all those castle photos???? hmmmm

Robin Gibson said...

THose are some of the MOST AMAZING photos of the castle I've EVER seen!!! LOVING your photog skills Tanisha!!!

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