Monday, June 1, 2009

My Head Is Still Spinning

I had a phenomenal time hanging out with the Disney Mocha Moms at Walt Disney's African American Mom Bloggers Mixer this past weekend. Man, these women have seriously got it going on! In less than 72 hours, I have learned so much from them- they're all smart, funny, uber talented and had a plethora of information to share.

To be honest, I didn't know how the weekend was going to turn out. A lot of the moms had already known of each other through the "mom bloggers circuit" (for lack of better terminology) and had built a relationship of sorts and then there was me who had absolutely no idea about anyone else who blogged outside of the scrapbooking world. Well honey let me tell you, we clicked instantly and had an amazing time! Y'all know I'm crazy anyway, so you could just imagine! We cracked up laughing and chatted the weekend away! We ate, went on a world win tour of Disney, and just had a really great time!

I took close to 700 pictures (deleted 100 blurry ones in the airport), so yes I will be sharing some pictures and a few more blog posts about my Disney vacation. There's just waaaaay too much to put in this post...that and the fact that I can't think clearly 'cause it's after midnight and I am bone dead tired! LOL!

Joining me this weekend was Maria Bailey from BSM media, Laura Spencer and Leanne Jakubowski from Disney and the Mocha Moms: Christie, Akilah, Michele, Ronnie, Sheena, Latricia, and Ana. I will definitely keep in contact with them from here on out!

Oh, and they convinced me to start tweeting! So if you're on twitter, follow me @TanishaLong! Stay tuned for more on my Disney Vacation!



1stopmom said...

I am missing you already. It was such a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you.

bacon74(at)1stopmom email whenever you need to

GingerSnapsMama said...

I LOVED meeting ya and hanging out this weekend. Now I am having the best time exploring your site. OMG- it is awesome! Your work is FABULOUS (so creative, detailed & inspirational). Eye Candy!

What are going to do with the Disney pics? :-)

Do you have a scrap book room?

Quiskaeya said...

Girrrl lemme tell you we had a ton of fun, didn't we! I just love the title of your blog and talent definitely RULES over here. Very impressive work Ms Thang! It's been fun getting to know you and keep in touch. :)

Execumama said...

Tanisha, I AM SO GLAD you posted your superdy-duperdy fancy pics so I can stop posting my li'l bootleg Palm Centro pics all over the web! LOL!

I really enjoyed your company! You are so humble about your AMAZING skills, and that's very refreshing. Stay in touch, puhleaase, and God bless!

Justice Jonesie said...

Looks like you ladies had a great time!!! I went for one of these last October, the Disney team is the best!

TraceyT said...

Sounds like FUN!!!

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