Monday, June 8, 2009

Favorite Family Vacation

I decided to check out --------> (Thanks Christie for the heads up)

If you haven't been there, you've gotta check it out! Every week a different challenge is issued and photographers of ALL levels are encouraged to join in and become a source of inspiration!

This week, participants are sharing our favorite family vacation stories through photographs!
In July 2007, Troy, Donovan, and I along with my MIL, FIL, and a few other members of Troy's family took a vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Troy and I had visited 11 years prior and enjoyed returning and seeing how much Jamaica had changed. Taking Donovan along with us was icing on the cake; it was an amazing experience for him and he still talks about it like it happened yesterday!
I took over 400 photos during that vacation--here are just a few that I really loved. I haven't really done much to the photos along the lines of editing because I'm a little photoshop challenged, but if you have any tips, I'm open to them.
One of my favorite spots at the resort

So many thoughts swirling around in the mind of my (then) 3 1/2 year old.

I wish I were sitting in those chairs right now!

The best thing about being a tourist is the fact that you can whip out a camera and take a picture of anything and no one looks at you like you're growing 2 heads. We had dinner at an Asian restaurant on the resort, I was so attracted to the lighting that I decided to snap a picture!

I had the pleasure of watching a couple get married at this beautiful, what a romantic way to start a life together!

Troy never poses for photos so I had to sneak this one in.

Pure enjoyment! The pool at the resort was the highlight of Donovan's trip.

Every time I see this picture, I can almost imagine a fruity drink or a Corona sitting next to the lounge chair just waiting to be devoured.
I could take a million sunset photos and never get tired of them.

My little man- just strolling along the beach.

Being a scrapper, a vacation plus tons of photos equals a lot of material for layouts!! I can't even tell you the amount of layouts I created from our vacation and I could still create more! I've even created an acrylic album featuring some of my favorite shots. Here are just a few:

Thanks for taking a peek!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Beautiful photos and scrap pages. My photos are in digi-scrap pages and can be found here.

WendysPhotos said...

I love your scrap pages! It takes a lot of time to do those, but the results are worth it when they turn out as good as yours!

McKay Family said...

I am a scrapper too and I take so many photos on vacation that I end up needed two albums to showcase the memories! Great photos and layouts!

You can see mine here:

Stephanie @ said...

Great pictures, man I wish i was there now. Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

Caroline said...

WOW! I love your pages! They are beautiful and the photos as well!

Jessi said...

These pictures are so lovely. What a fun vacation! Also, those pages are incredible. You are a very talented scrapper!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Thanks for sharing. I want to go there now! Love your scrapbook pages:-)

I Heart Faces

me said...

wonderful photos, and OH MY GOD what great scrappin! I hope you show more of this!!!

Niecey said...

Nice scrapbooks and photos.
My mum is from Jamaica. Born and raised. I've never been there, and would LOVE to go.

Rochelle said...

FABULOUS photos & Layouts Tanisha!! I am headed down to Cabo next month and I sure will be trying to take pictures like you do! LOL
p.s. What kind of camera do you have? Your pictures (esp. the one of the flip flops on the beach) are super super nice!!!

Greta Adams said...

girl between your blog and annie haferman's blog of her pic to greece...i have completely checked out and on a vacation of my own in my head...thanls for the enabling ;()

love your scrappies can rock some paper sista!!

Musings of the Mrs. said...

Fantastic pictures. Definitely bring to mind a fruity drink and a great sense of tranquility. I could use both right now.

Robin Gibson said...

WOW-O-WOW is all can say at the moment! First, those pictures are FAAAAAABULOUS!!! LOVE some awesome vacay photos!
But those layouts (&the cover of the mini) are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love, Love, Love them all!

btw...Mmmm,Mmmm, me some Prince :D

Takisha said...

I having been viewing your blog for about two weeks now and I keep coming back cause your layouts are absolutely fabulous! Are they all digi layouts? I have been wanting to try digi layouts but I don't know where I should begin. I have seen so many websites but it seems too overwhelming -LOL
If you have any suggestions or a place where I can get a tutorial would really be appreciated.
Thanks so much for your inspiration and sharing your layouts.

Pam D said...

Oh my gosh! The photos are YUMMY.. and the layouts are just breathtaking! I'm gonna have to pass this link on to some of my scrapbbooking friends so they can come by and drool....
great job!
(p.s. you're one of the featured blogs on the sidebar at I Heart Faces!)

Mommy of Many said...

a fellow scrappin' sista! I love your layouts and your photos are goregous. I am now a follower. I'm gonna have to check back frequently to see your posts.
visiting from sits

the prisoner's wife said...


i'm especially diggin your scrapbook pages. i'm not a scrapbooker, but i've always wanted to put together a book, esp since my son was born. anyway, your vacation photos are lovely & make me long to go on vacation!

Christie-A Work In Progress said...

These all are just stunning! You are very talented!

Billykidd said...

oh man! i wanna be on that beach sipping a fruit drink. looks like paradise! what a gorgeous setting and what wonderful memories you captured.... and i LOVES your scrapbook pages. holy cow. those are amazing!!!!

Becca said...

Your pictures are stunning! :-) and I LOVE your scrapbooking style too - I really enjoyed this -- thanks for having us along! :-)

Teresha and Damon said...

Hey! I know you from! Small world...I haven't been on that site in awhile cause I've been focusing on being pregnant with my first! I've been blogging all about the experience. visit me when you get a chance. Just wanted to say hi to a familiar face. Love your blog! I am following you now.

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