Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As History Unfolds...

I just want to take a moment to close my eyes and say thank you to all of those that came before me...who fought and sacrificed their lives so that I could have the right to vote. You know, there was a time in history when women and blacks were not allowed to vote...as a black woman, I am doubly thankful!! I vote because of them and because I OWE them!!

So here I am on Halloween casting my HISTORICAL vote and feeling an overwhelming notion of pride!! I voted for Senator Barack Obama, the first African American to run for a major party, because his issues closely match my concerns. As part of the middle class, I think it's time we got some tax breaks! This was my first time voting early. We don't have true "early voting" in NJ, but I cast an in-person absentee ballot. This was also the first time that I voted in the primaries and closely followed the election. I have learned so much about our electoral process during this election!

I love that Senator Obama has run a campaign that encompassed ALL Americans; I think he truly understands that although we are from different races and religions, from different socioeconomic backgrounds, we ALL want the same things. We want our children to grow up and have the opportunity to further their education, we want healthcare and to not have to worry about whether or not we will have social security when the time comes. I love that he has lived his life in such a way that the Republican party had to really stretch the truth and at times flat out lie in an attempt to make him look bad. I adore his wife...Michelle Obama is my she-ro! You know how the saying goes, beside every strong man is a strong woman! Love her!

Anyway...I'm crossing my fingers, praying and wishing on a star!

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Pattern Paper Addict said...

Crossing my fingers too girl!

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