Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He's On The Brink!

My little Xan-Xan is about to get 2 teeth!!!!! The 2 on the bottom are about to pop through any day now...I can see the white...OH MY GOSH, I'm so excited! I don't know why, because that means he's growing so fast! He's 7 1/2 months old, he sits, he claps, and says "da-da" and "ba-ba"! He's still not crawling yet, but if you hold his hands, he tries to run...what's up with that?! LOL!

It amazes me how differently he and Donovan reach their milestones! At 6 months, Donovan was doing the "I'm ready to crawl" push-ups and then crawling at 7 months, Xan is 7 months and has shown no interest in crawling, he doesn't even like to be on his belly for long; Donovan on the other hand didn't get his first 2 teeth until he was almost 11 months...I remember he woke up Christmas morning with 2 teeth, just like that!

Ahhhh, my boys...I love watching them bloom!


Virginia said...

Hey there! I found this blog from a link from Greta Adam's... anyways, I just love your work! I had to leave a comment on this post because I didn't realize that you had a son named Donovan- that is my brother's name and we've never met anyone else with the same name. Very cool!

Sorry for the random comment, hehe!

Greta Adams said...

girl...my cousins little boy skipped the crawling and went straight to walking maybe he will be like that too....

they grow up to fast i tell ya!!

Shannon Wyman said...

Aww so cute. And yes.. the difference between siblings can be amazing sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Write everything down! I'm sorry I didn't...I've forgotten much of what went on when my kids were little. They were like night n day too....still are, I suppose...lol

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