Saturday, August 15, 2009

I know, I know, I've taken my slow time getting these pictures from CHA posted, but I've had so much blogging to do since then and this kind of got pushed to the back burner!

This was my first CHA and let me tell you, I sense many more in my future. I had a BALL!!! My favorite thing about CHA (besides getting to see all of the new product firsthand) was coming in contact with so many of the women whom I've grown to know and admire although I've only actually seen their avatars. The are each so creative, sweet, and funny and I look forward to continuing to grow our relationships!

(Danielle Holsapple, me, and Susan Dupre) Besides the MLS gals, Susan was the very first person I met at CHA. She's is hilarious! If you ever get to meet her, tell I said I owe her one for making me chase after her with camera in hand! LOL! I'm not as spry as I used to be, Susan!
(Jennifer Beeson and me) I met Jenny on a few years ago. She is a sweetie and oh so very talented. I just hope that standing this close to her allowed some of her creative genius to rub off on me.
(Kimberly Crawford and me) Kim was one of the people that I had planned to meet at CHA ahead of time--I looked forward to meeting her since I had known her for a while from When we met, we clicked instantly, like old girlfriends.

(Lisa Houpt, me, and TraceyT) The way I met Lisa (whom I met through DreamGirls Challenge Blog design team) and Tracey (whom I met on was so funny! I walked up to them in the MLS booth and kindly asked "do you ladies need some help"? Lisa turned around and said "Tanisha?" and then went on to introduce herself and we started chatting. Then I turned to the person she was with and practically leaped on her as I shouted "oh my god, TraceyT, TraceyT"!! I swear the 3 of us stood and chatted for the longest time and quite honestly could have gone on even longer!

(Veronica Jennings and me) I met Vee way back in 2006 on when I first discovered online forums and I have admired her work since them. You'll probably recognize her from Memory makers magazine as she was a Master '09 and deservedly so!

Veronica Jennings and very talented 2 Peas Garden Girls Cindy Liebel and Wendy Bretz.

(Lucy Edson, Danielle Holsapple, Erin Yamabe, and me) Lucy from A Million Memories was just a doll! Since meeting her, I have become a blog stalker...her work is phenomenal!
I also had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Hunt, owner of Belle Blvd, Stacey Michaud from, Nikki Sivils, owner of Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker, Charity Hassel...I know I'm forgetting someone...if it's you...sorry, my momnesia seems to get worse by the day!
And now to introduce my girls...we are like family! We broke bread together, laughed until cheeks and stomachs were in knots, shed a few tears (we hate goodbyes), shared a lot of husband stories (i.e. slapping on lotion, the dishwasher confusion, orange shorts on the 4th of July and oh so many more...oh, I dare not forget the scooter...believe me, you had to be there)!
Of our entire group, Pattie was the quietest and Danielle the most shy (of course hanging out with the rest of us made her come out of her shell). We got along so well and had so much fun together! If you happened to see our booth, you know I'm for real when I say this is one of the most incredibly talented group of women, if you've seen the videos on the MLS blog, then you know we are the craziest group of women!!

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