Friday, August 7, 2009

Made With American Crafts

I created all of these projects about a month ago for American Craft's Design Team call, though I didn't make the team , I am really happy with how these projects turned out.

I seem to be batting zero with manufacturer design teams...0-3 for the last few that I tried out for, but anyway, guess you can't win them all!

The photos here are of my big boy on the day of his graduation. I was so proud of him that day (and everyday)!

I've been scraplifting myself lately, you know to give the mojo a boost. A+ Kid is a lift of this one.

journaling: I know school is just beginning for you, but you have already shown signs of being a very dedicated, hard-working student. You are an extremely fast learner and never cease to amaze me with the amount of knowledge you have attained and with how well you're able to maintain it. I am so very proud of you, baby! You've just graduated from preschool this past Friday and you already know how to add and subtract, both single and double digits, you can spell at least 20 words, your Spanish vocabulary has increased and you write very well. One of the teachers at preschool calls you “college boy” because you always know the answers. I hope you carry your thirst for knowledge with you throughout life. Never be afraid to learn new things and never ever feel embarrassed about your intelligence. Embrace it and you will soar! Love, Mommy

I've wanted to create a project/wall hanging like this one for some time now. Really loving this one...I wish it photographed better.

This is a layout of the time I "tortured" Donovan by taking him to Sesame Place. See the photo in the circle? He was crying so hard that now whenever I see it, my eyes well up.

He did at least enjoy the water park though...LOL!

This LO is a self scrap lift of this one.

journaling: Knowing how much you loved Sesame Street, I thought it would be a great idea to take you to Sesame Place during the summer of 2006 so you could see your favorite characters up close and personal. Boy, was that a mistake! You were absolutely terrified and cried anytime one of the characters was in your vicinity. It didn’t matter to you how friendly they were, it didn’t matter that they stooped down so as not to appear so big or that they opened their arms welcomingly, you wanted no part of them. I somehow managed to get you to take a photo with your favorite character of all, Elmo, but as you can see you were about ready to bolt. The only character that you were remotely friendly with was Zoe. I pointed her out to you, you waved to her and she blew you a kiss. So Sweet…you still remember that to this day. journalled 7/5/09

I created this cute little card, too. Of course it just wasn't complete until I added some Shimmerz Pixie Dust to the berries. I can't say enough awesome things about Shimmerz, it just makes everything better....well in this case, SWEETER! LOL!

Last but not least is a photo cube that I made for Donovan.

Thanks for taking a peek!


Jenniwren32 said...

LOVE all of your projects, Tanisha!!! :)

TraceyT said...

That is one fantastic submission!!!!

Jojorenee said...

Those were all amazing projects, even if they didn't love them your fans do and I am a fan!

ellen s. said...

happy belated bday!

love your projects! sorry about the DT, you know i was rootin' for you!

Marci Knecht said...

I love your projects, and as far as I'm concerned you're on the BEST Manufacturer teams already - I'd give anything to be on the MLS team. If you don't know somebody or you aren't a past HOF'er then the chances of making one of those big teams like AC is next to impossible.

Be proud of kick ass! ;)

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