Friday, August 21, 2009


Just felt like digging in my stash...not for a DT or contest or anything except the fact that I just felt like creating something...

This one is made with Basic Grey Lime Rickey--love the bright colors! The photos are of Donovan @ 3 months old.

journaling: Aunt Nessie gave me this onesie for my baby shower and I couldn't help but smile. With Donovan being our 1st child and Renee's 1st grandchild, there was no ...doubt he was going to get spoiled big time; but like my Aunt Jackie says, why have 'em if you can't spoil 'em?

This one is a mixture of October Afternoon and My Mind's Eye--I took the colors straight from the photo. This is Xander @ 12 months old all snuggled up in Donovan's Spiderman comforter in a clothes basket...and of course with those 2 fingers in his mouth...

journaling: You love to snuggle in this comforter. Unfortunately it belongs to your big brother and although he loves to share with you, his favorite blanket...not so much so! If you're lucky, he'll let you cover up with a corner of it. I guess we're going to have to get you your own.



Adrienne said...

Love these!!! I have GOT to get some scrapping done!

Babydoll said...

Great pages!! I'm loving that Lime Rickey!

erin said...

great pages here tanisha!
those can be the best, just for yourself:)

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